Commercial Roofing Contractor Newport News, VA

VA Flat Roofers of Newport News, VA offers services for repair, replacement or installation of flat roof commercial rubber or vinyl membranes specifically TPO, EPDM and PVC fabrications.  We also service and install flat roof Drain and Gutter Systems, Vapor Barriers (prevents rising indoor humidity into the flat roof underlayment) and Insulation Board (increases buildings energy efficiency).  For those of you with failing BUR (tar & gravel) flat roofs, we have replaced several and know exactly how to best quickly replace yours with a superior membrane flat roof system.

Owners of hotels, Manufacturing plants, Port of Virginia Warehouses and other potential clients you will not find another flat roofer to replace your roof, the way the manufacturer expects, cheaper than we will.  Our estimates cover quality roofing membranes obtained only from top roofing manufacturers in the USA, quality flashing, water tested drain and gutter system install and proper number of screw cap fasteners installed in the membrane to prevent lift up.  Replacing a roof way before its anticipated lifespan is the most expensive roof you’ll ever buy.