Chesapeake VA Flat Roofers Membrane Repairs, Installs

VA Flat Roofers of Chesapeake offers services for repair, replacement or installation of flat roof commercial rubber or vinyl membranes specifically TPO, EPDM and PVC fabrications.  We also service and install flat roof Drain and Gutter Systems, Vapor Barriers (prevents rising indoor humidity into the flat roof underlayment) and Insulation Board (increases buildings energy efficiency).  For those of you with failing BUR (tar & gravel) flat roofs, we have replaced several and know exactly how to best quickly replace yours with a superior membrane flat roof system.

Owners of hotels, Manufacturing plants, Port of Virginia Warehouses and other potential clients you will not find another flat roofer to replace your roof, the way the manufacturer expects, cheaper than we will.  Our estimates cover quality roofing membranes obtained only from top roofing manufacturers in the USA, quality flashing, water tested drain and gutter system install and proper number of screw cap fasteners installed in the membrane to prevent lift up.  Replacing a roof way before its anticipated lifespan is the most expensive roof you’ll ever buy.

Ponding on Flat Roof

Ponding on Flat Roof

Free Commercial Flat Roof Inspections in Chesapeake, VA

Flat commercial Roofs should be inspected at least twice a year. This is more often than sloped ones mainly because what falls, blows or crawls on the roof will stay till somebody removes it.  We suggest letting VA Flat Roofers in Chesapeake, VA inspect your roof in Spring, Fall and after severe weather.  During the inspection our priority is to check membrane seams for signs of deterioration, flashing for fungus or critter damage and drainage system for blockage.  After the inspection we’ll advise options for repair, replacement or if necessary, a completely new roof system. When possible, we always suggest repair first and offer affordable options when the flat roof membrane needs replacement.  

We know potential customers will get at least 3 estimates for service and we want to stand out from the other estimates with the best priced and most effective plan to repair whatever is causing the flat roof to fail.  Plus, importantly, we don’t try and scare potential clients to pressure a sale.  We simply offer our findings, encourage contact for questions and never harass a decision.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.

EPDM Seam Install VA Flat Roofers Chesapeake

EPDM Seam Install

Chesapeake VA Flat Roofers Service Single Ply Membrane

Single Ply Membrane roofing is a protective waterproof covering of connected synthetic rubber (EPDM) or flexible thermo plastic (TPO) sheets attached across the rooftop.  EPDM and TPO manufactures offer good, better and best quality formulations providing increasing protections- against Punctures, UV-Rays and fire resistance.  Safety codes require the membrane to be mechanically fasten with long screw cap anchors, adhesive or ballasted with round gravel to keep the public safe from large flying sheets in a storm.

EPDM Rubber Membrane Flat Roofing Advantages

EDPM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a single ply rubber Membrane made of natural rubber or synthetic- manufactured from mostly oil and natural gas sources so its cost rises and falls with the energy market.  The membrane is heavy compared to TPO but does have a decade longer lifespan 40 versus 30 years.  Comes in two colors black or white but both are UV resistant.  The white color is premium featuring heat-reflecting properties (great for southern climes) and is roughly a third more costly.

Sealing TPO Seams with Hot Gun VA Flat Roofers Chesapeake

Sealing TPO Seams with Hot Gun

Flat Roofing TPO Single Ply Membrane Advantages

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a rubber like single-ply roofing membrane that comes in varying length up to 100 feet long verses 6 to 12 feet wide. The membranes typically are 40 to 100 mils thick with a highly reflective white top. Thermoplastic is a synthetic flexible plastic like substance that softens when heated but hardens upon cooling.  This enables the seams to be heat welded and when cooled they become a very strong bond.  The TPO commercial Flat roofing system is popular because it’s a quick install, reflects sunlight to reduce heat transfer to the building There is 3 methods of Single Ply Membrane roof attachment fully adhered with adhesive, mechanically attached or a covering layer of small round pebbles.

Chesapeake TPO or EPDM Best Cost Flat Roof Leak Repair

Punctures to a roof’s membrane are often accidentally caused by HVAC service maintenance personal. Tools are dropped, items dragged across the roof and they inadvertently make holes in the flashing around the equipment they service. If shortly after a HVAC system repair a leak occurs, start the inspection at repair site.  Another common problem is Membrane screw cap fasteners become loose due to weathering and need to be re-tighten or replaced.

Ponding can result from clogged drains, HVAC units without condensation drain line and many other reasons.  Chesapeake VA Flat Roofers employees understand all rooftop mechanical systems so immediately know when something wrong.  Standing water, more noticeable after a storm, degrades single ply membranes.  Regular inspections after storms catch ponding problems early on before a lot of damage occurs.  Be advised, sending an inexperienced employee up on the flat roof to check storm damage is bad idea.  They don’t know what to look for and could get hurt by tripping over cables or roof debris. Also, aging flat roofs may hide rotted portions of roofing deck that have weakened load capacity.  Many an intrepid building manager has experienced the awful fear of a foot crashing through the rooftop or worse yet falling through.  Experienced Flat Roofers check roof stability before they step.

Badly Installed EPDM Needs Premature Replacement VA Flat Roofers Chesapeake

Badly Installed EPDM Needs Premature Replacement

When to Replace TPO & EPDM Flat Roof Membranes?

As your TPO or EPDM flat roof reaches its lifespan, a choice between repair or replacement becomes more difficult.  When repair costs are substantial, 60% or more of the replacement cost, consider replacement because repairs are no longer cost effective.  The exhausted aged Single Ply Membrane has lost flexibility, seams are failing, blistering is common and membrane shrinkage is apparent- soon the frequent repairs become burdensome. Most likely at this point you’ll know the only option is replacement.

Check the experience level of Single Ply Membrane Flat Roofers you consult before hiring- it may save you from have to repair or replace shortly after.  Inexperienced EPDM roofers often leave portions of the membrane loose around corners, parapet walls, drains and other environmental equipment.  Rarely are inexperienced flat roofers’ patient enough to allow the membrane enough time to relax on the roof before installing- this causes wrinkles. Shoddy installment of a roofing single ply membrane is the major cause of premature failure.

Leaky Tar & Gravel (BUR) Flat Roof Replace

Commercial buildings owners often dread having to deal with replacement to their leaky Tar and Gravel roofs- the tar smell is horrendous and sickening to employees and clients.  The probable business downtime while waiting for the smell to dissipate is also a budget buster.  This decision could be less worrisome if you convert to a EPDM or TPO- no smells and it’s a fast install.  We have converted several BUR flat roofs to TPO or EPDM and know exactly what’s necessary for success.

Some drawbacks of BUR roofing are:

  • BUR Roofing is about 30% costlier than EPDM and TPO which can make quite a difference on a large roof.
  • Bur roof replacement is a lengthy and dangerous process. Overheating kettle Tar increases the hazardous odors and can be explosive.
  • BUR Roofing will break down quickly from Sunlight if the gravel layer becomes displaced by a stiff wind.
  • Tar and Gravel Roofs add a tremendous weight to the building structure over TPO or EPDM.

Don’t overpay for TPO or EPDM Flat Roofing services- compare at least 3 estimates. VA Flat Roofers of Chesapeake carry high hopes that we’ll stand out as the most detailed fair budget value price for the services you need.


Chesapeake VA

Chesapeake Beach VA Flat Roofers

Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake VA and its Landmarks

Chesapeake located in southeastern VA along the Elizabeth River it encompasses 341 miles.  Chesapeake port facilities is a major oil storage center and hosts two military bases. Chesapeake Indians ancient home was in this area and was settled by colonists in the 1630’s.  British and American troops fought during the American Revolution 1775 in the battle of Great Bridge which is still remember every year.

Chesapeake, VA was recognized in 1963 through a voter referendum approval of the city of South Norfolk with the parcels of the disbanded Norfolk County that were left after the rest of the territory had been annexed by other nearby cities.  Chesapeake runs from rural border with North Carolina through protected farmland, forests, wetlands to the urban areas of Harbor of Hampton Roads.  This city is blessed with diversity of landscape that is seldom seen.  Chesapeake has an advantageous distribution location off the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and makes great use of miles of waterfront industrial, commercial and residential property.

Wonderful Places in Chesapeake

Great Dismal Swamp Canal VA Flat Roofers Chesapeake

Great Dismal Swamp Canal

Great Dismal Swamp Canal

The Canal runs 5 miles from the western edge of the Swamp to Lake Drummond and was directed by George Washington as a way to transport logs out of the Swamp. At the time they also had hopes to drain it but soon realized it was way too large to be feasible.

The Swamp is viewed by many as a geological treasure trove of abundant animal life and a 3,100 acre 6-foot-deep lake of unusually pure water at its center.  The water in the lake is tinted amber due to the tannic acids released by the many juniper, gum and cypress trees and this also makes it naturally bacterial resistant.  The water was highly prized on sailing ships because it would stay fresh for a long time.

The name Dismal Swamp may dissuade you from visiting thinking all who enter are lost but it’s quite a temperate place to visit.  The State Park has 3 miles of hiking and biking trails complete with rental bikes available.  Plus, picnic tables and restrooms are many for those weary hungry travelers.  Pleasure Boating is common up and down the canal.