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Commercial Flat Roofing TPO, PVC EDPM Services

VA Flat Roofers of Richmond offers services for all sizes of commercial Flat Roofs from the bakery to warehouse.  We offer experienced Flat Roofing services for repairs and replacements for all Single Ply membrane type roofing- TPO and EDPM.  We also service all the components of flat roofing systems- Drain and Gutter System, Vapor Barrier (prevents indoor humidity from condensing inside the roofs insulation) and Insulation Board Replacement (insulation substrate that lies under the membrane).  We can also help those of you with poorly preforming Tar and Gravel Roof (BUR) or Modified BUR flat roofs by replacing it with an improved less heat producing flat roofing membrane that won’t drive everyone away with a tar smell.

Flat Roof Leak Inspection

Flat Roof Leak Inspection

Free Flat Roof Inspections in Richmond, VA

We are a local, experienced and affordable commercial roofing contracting team that is eager to gain your trust by sending friendly consultants with decades of experience to investigate the repair, replacement or new build of Commercial Flat roof single ply membrane style roof. Single Ply roofing can be identified as two basic types of flexible sheets TPO (thermoplastics) or synthetic rubber.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. Being licensed requires the passing of one or more tests, proof of formal training or so many years of on-the-job experience. Being Bonded means the contractor has secured funds, in case of a lawsuit, to pay for damages that have been awarded.  Being insured requires a worker injured on the job to apply to the contracting company for compensation- not the client’s insurance.  We are professionals focused on providing an honest service and client centered.  Our guidance is free and gladly given.

Flat Roof Advantages

Flat roofing biggest advantage is that it covers a larger width of space with less building materials then a sloped roof.  The larger a building is the bigger the attic under the roof has to be to hold it up and at a certain point it just becomes impractical.  Flat roofing doesn’t need an attic and its ability to hold environmental equipment on rooftop saves valuable space inside the building.  This in turn saves a commercial business some property taxes which are based on the square foot space.

Laying out the TPO Membrane VA Flat Roofing Richmond

Laying out the TPO Membrane

What is TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing is a Thermoplastic Polyolefin single-ply membrane that softens when heated which allows a seam to be heat welded across a large roof to form a waterproof membrane of protection. The membrane has a top layer that is a highly reflective, generally white in color and prevents solar gain in the building below.  TPO roofing systems are among the fastest growing commercial roofing systems mostly due to the fact they can be re-heated to remold across a surface.  They are exceptionally resistant to ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure which is important for Manufacturing business. TPO roofs can be expected to have a lifespan of 20 plus years.  An exhausted TPO membrane will become cracked, contracted causing the top white reflective layer to separate.

EPDM Membrane Re-Install VA Flat Roofers Richmond

EPDM Membrane Re-Install VA Flat Roofers Richmond

What is EPDM Roofing?

EDPM is a very durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer).  Its major ingredients ethylene and propylene originate from oil and natural gas so its cost rise and fall with the energy market. The membrane is available in 2 colors black and white and can be fully adhered (with liquid adhesives), mechanically attached (with screws) or ballasted (smooth rounded gravel placed on top) with seams sealed with specially formulated tape.  EDPM roof systems have a life expectancy of 22 to 35 years.

VA Flat Roofers Expert Repair for TPO & EPDM Membrane

Commercial roofing problems may be as simple as ponding cause by a pile of debris and can be easily fix by routine cleaning of the roof- especially after stormy weather.  Or, drains for water removal could be blocked, and vent or pipe penetrations may need caulking- all are easy quick repairs. Other times, elusive leaks or problems with mold infestations are hard to discover and may require a portion of the roof peeled back to find the membrane break. In addition, clogged drain pipes may need to be disassemble to be cleared. Occasionally Pest control needs to be hired to catch critters that are sheltering on the rooftop leaving waste and dead comrades about.

Can I fix the Flat Roof Leak Myself?

Many property owners find out the hard way that roofing compound to stop leaks on an asphalt roof will not work on a flat roof single ply membrane.  They may make a few tries at stopping the leak without realizing whatever they put on will have to be removed before proper repairs can take place thereby increasing their repair costs.  They learn, after hiring a Pro Flat Roofer, that to fix a membrane leak the patching material has to be the same or approved by the membrane manufacturer to ensure bonding.

You think, well I’ll just get a small patch of the same Single Ply Membrane material on my roof and then repair it. Be Aware, Single Ply Membrane manufacturers only sell in bulk to Flat Roofers because it doesn’t profit them to sell small patches to the public at large.  Plus, to complete the membrane repairs a special tool like a TPO heat gun, very expensive, or the adhesive compound for EPDM need to be obtained.  VA Flat Roofers in Richmond has the track record and conscientious employees that’ll accomplish roof repair or replacement correctly.

It is clear, that skill and proper equipment is needed to repair or replace commercial flat roofs.  Downtime for any reason is a killer to a business’s profit margin so ask us to come and inspect your business roof for free and perhaps stop any preventable faults from occurring that may wreak your profit line.

Water Damaged Flat Roof Needs Replacement VA Flat Roofers Richmond

Water Damaged Flat Roof Needs Replacement

Industrial Flat Roof Replacement

TPO and EPDM single ply membrane roofing has been around for about 6 decades now and the formulations for durability has improved steadily.  Now, single ply membranes can be expected to last 30 years with periodic maintenance.  However, some of the older formulations had a shorter lifespan and may need replacement if the membrane has become brittle, UV layer is peeling or the membrane has contracted from the rooftop edges.

VA Flat Roofers of Richmond are experienced roofing contractors that follow through with careful manufactures re installation recommendations exactly so the roof will reach its expected lifespan. This includes installation of special collars that fit around roof penetrations to avoid leaking or ponding.

Experts in Replacing BUR with TPO Membrane

Property Owners with an older BUR roof (tar and gravel) in need of attention consider converting a single ply membrane roof (TPO, EPDM)- it’s a tremendous upgrade over BUR for many reasons:

  • BUR replacements are a lengthy process compared to TPO or EPDM single ply membranes.
  • Obnoxious smells of bituminous tar used for BUR repair or replacement are hazardous and can last days- very hard to maintain a presence in the building.
  • The weight of a BUR roof adds substantially to the building structure.
  • BUR roofs are more costly to install than a single ply membrane.

VA Flat Roofers of Richmond are determined to provide an honest and client friendly experience. After all, our professional reputation depends on our client’s satisfaction.


Richmond VA

Skyline Richmond Virginia VA Flat Roofers

Skyline Richmond Virginia

Richmond, the capital of Commonwealth of Virginia, was officially recognized in 1742.  Located at the fall line of the James River encircled by Henrico and Chesterfield counties. Transportation to major suburbs of Midlothian, Chesterfield, Glen Allen and Short Pump are provided by the well-maintained interstates of 95, 64, 295 and the newer Virginia State Route 288.

The City hosts a US Court of Appeals (one of 13) and The Richmond Federal Reserve Bank on of 12 in the country.  Thus, the economy is strong in Law, Government (local and state), Finance and Education with major University VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) located downtown.  The city is considered a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and moderately cold winters.

St. John's Church Richmond VA Flat Roofers

St. John’s Church “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”


St. John’s Church in Richmond was the location of quite possibly the most famous speech during the decision of whether Virginia would participate in the First Continental Congress that was on course to declare Independence.  The speech “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” given in 1775 passionately by Patrick Henry.  Every Summer the Speech’s Reenactments portrayed by talent Actors at St. John’s Church draws many locals and visitors.  The Church’s graveyard is interesting to take a walk through to marvel at the many famous people that rest there- this is a guided tour.

Bell Isle Richmond VA Flat Roofers

Bell Isle Richmond Virginia

Belle Isle is a 54-acre city park that lies within the James River almost directly across the Richmond Federal Reserve.  It is accessible to pedestrian and bikers by a suspension foot bridge that lies under the Robert E. Lee Bridge from the north side of the island and a wooden bridge from the south side.  When the water is not rushing at a high table, many people enjoy sitting or playing among the many boulders scattered along the river through the downtown area.  It was a prison for captured Union Soldiers who many then meet their deaths through starvation and disease.